Thursday, May 3

The beginning of the End

Bloging again, hi strangers, i know its been a lil while since i last typed up.
below is a photo of a sample of what im creating atm, its handmade felt paper, then shaped by punching holes along the sides and threading cottton through. small detail shows just how thin my paper can be.

Well its all coming to an end now. time sure is going quick, myself and my friends are feeling the presure, producing totally different work for my degree show, compared to my exhibition of 2011.

I like to keep things fresh and always try new things, although i had lernt the skills i have used in this project from as far back as college, i have addapeted them and pushed them further, creating some exciting things. happy with what i am currently doing, I will be more than please to be relieved from this pressure, i cant wait to be an independent maker, and make things in my own time create my own deadlines, and most of all not have to have so much legwork behind such simple beautiful ideas.

Art in my eyes is something to relax me, creating new things is what makes me, me. What makes me happy. It relaxes me, i dont mind having a story behind my work, but a story thats easy to tell thats simple and doesnt give you a headache, displayed in a simple picture book. Or even better id love my viewers to look at my work and create there own story, give my work meaning to them.

All welcome to my final exhibitiom at DeMontfort uni in leicester. private view 15th june,5pm till late. the show is open to the public then for the week. will be much quieter after the private view, enjoy the work just a little bit more then.

(appoligies for spelling mistakes its been a long day) :)