Monday, June 25

Little and not Often!

This seems to be the way my blogging goes, for my followers i am sorry i dont post often, but hopefully that im now a free person i will post more often. I have recently finished my degree, had my final show as a DMU student.

A few photos below.

Me and my framed pieces


Times (close up)
 Final Main piece.
 75 indervidual sails. all threaded up. and attatched one by one with fishing wire.
 looking up.

Artsist statement for above project.

Everything in life affects the outcome of my work; it could be a walk in the sun, bad news in the family or even a pile of offcuts in the studio. The world surrounding me and my experiences are what motivates and influences my work.
My current body of work is greatly influenced by a person so close to my heart, a father figure, a best friend and an amazing role model, my Nannan (my grandmother). In May 2011 just before my final show as a second year student the family found out my Nannan was suffering from terminal lung cancer, with only a short time of 3-6 months left. Hitting me hard I struggled through and my Nannan came to see the show, I was so proud she had travelled the 89miles to come the show after such bad news; she hadn’t and wasn’t giving up. I hadn’t yet found the strength to be quite so normal all I could think is this is the last show of mine she will see. I became withdrawn, until the 10th of August 2011, when I rang my Nannan as I do every night, I recorded the time I called, 8.32 pm and the call lasted 8.32 minutes. I’m still unsure as to why I did this but I carried on till I felt I no longer had too. These numbers are the basis to my work, the glue that holds it all together, just as my Nannan holds my life together.
Capturing the positive attitude of my Nannan carrying on as normal, showing no weakness, I wanted my work to show strength and structure but look fragile at the same time. This was to resemble life, how the strength can be weakened, the structure can change and it can all fall apart from one element changing. These elements are shown in my choice of materials, the fragile handmade paper, thin yarns and invisible thread. All so delicate, but hold together strong.
It is also a big part of all my work that it’s not self-explanatory, that people don’t know what it’s influenced by, so they can make their own story or just appreciate its beauty. I don’t wish for people viewing my work to feel sad because it is based on bad news, but to know that it has benefited me in many ways. Kept me busy through the hard days, and given me and my Nannan something to talk about during our nightly phone calls. 

Thats it for now bloggers. keep a look out, and check out my website too.