Wednesday, June 8

Better late than NEVER

Just over 2.5 meters this piece took over 26hrs to make.
Laser cut pieces (the loose bits from the other pieces and samples)
Calico, tracing paper and fabriano paper, on wire.
This piece brought back great memories from my journey through college one perticular year, with a great tutor SALLY POSKITT. Whitout her I wouldn't be here today, she is and always will be a great tutor and I can NOT thank her enough for the help and support she gave me for a whole year. (Well pretty much still to this day.)


Throughout this project my life was average, easy going hard at work at uni, and paying the bills, glamorous I know, but I had some bad news about a dear family member very close to my heart, this amazing woman is everything to me, she's my daddy, my best friend and my rock. She's been there from day one, she's told me off and grounded me, gave me hug when i've cried and laughed with me when im happy, oh and laughed at me, plenty of times.
At the end of every phonecall, on every evening of every day of the year, she always says the same thing, and this is where the name for these pieces get their names from.
It gives me the greatest joy to name these pieces after my NANNAN.

nan - "be good"
me - "I always am"
nan - "Just like me"
me - "yup Just like you"

I look forward to hearing these words for a long time to come.
Love you nannan x

"Just like me" on the right "Just like you" on the left.

"Just like me" Different sizes, each  piece is a laser cut piece of Fabriano paper.
The design if from a crochet sample, I drew in the gaps to creat a lace type pattern I then spent hours recreating the patteren on cad, to make such beautiful work.
"Just like you" same thing just bigger and not sculptured. Set of 3, layered.

OH and to tell you all i'm of to cornwall, on friday with my family my Nannan going to be so happy down there, best money i've ever spent. Visiting all her favorite places, newquay, st ives and lands-end.

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