Sunday, April 24

The statement

Not alot to update working hard getting my work done for the exhibition.
But i thought i may just share with you my Artist Statement. Was told to be less flowery, but then it wouldn't be me, and i think this is inportant.

let me know what you think.

Everything is beautiful in different ways or when partnered with other things. In this world we waste so much, remnants of fabrics, pages from books and clothes with worn patches. These are just a few to mention but things like these in my eyes don’t have a use by date, they just become interesting in a different way, a project to complete. Seeing the world like this opens up all kinds of possibilities, you see extraordinary things in the most unlikely places, a piece of art in a pile of loose threads, and this is exactly what inspired me to work the way I do.
Having a love for knitting I used this as a starting point, roaming charity shops for unwanted items knitting and crocheting with found balls of wool. This quickly developed into a pattern from my process of manipulation of items, a pattern that can be altered to any size and still has an impact. Finding inspiration from shop displays I knew big was the way forward. The love I have for natural tones, I walked the path of canvas and paper, transferring my pattern in many ways both by hand and machine. Laser cutting then became my new best friend creating a precise cut of such a delicate pattern, flooding with hundreds of remnants that any other would disregard, but in which I found beauty. Using both the piece produced and the remnants I have created the varied selection of art that you see before you, not wasting a section from the original pieces of paper or canvas, proving that the things we throw away in life can still be used and still is beautiful.
Like the world my art is unpredictable, and works with its setting, and in each place it will look different from every angle you will see something new. I invite you to explore my art, to see the beauty I have created and see the possibilities of a single sheet of paper of a piece or canvas.
Hope you enjoy reading.

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