Tuesday, May 3

The Set Up

Well the time came today to go to the gallery and set up some work.
As you can see a few of my group are extremally happy to be there, yeah sure. this been at 11.30am and the stress levels are running high.
Although not us all there are some smiles about.

Below on the left we have Charlie aka 2D obseving her work been done, just kiddin she's a hard worker just taking a break. Another pair of hard workers of the day on my right we have Rini and Emma aka Chocoholic and Gobby, I see a smile.

Another big smile from louisa aka Weeza, working hard as always, weeza has been my support throught this whole event, we have shared some stressful times, but we keep smiling through it.

Although it may seem that i walked round with my camera all day i did NOT, indeed my work was delayed but i expected that as my place in the gallery is the door way No 1, the 1st you see good place i think, but this came with its downfalls waiting for people to move things, making sure everything had arrived so knowone would stand on my work while coming through one of 3 doors.
After painting plinths that wasn't mine, wall spaces that wasn't mine and eating a Mc D's it was my time, the time being 3.45pm.
In the hour and 45mins i had left of the day i did manage to get up one of my three pieces. SUCCESS!!
Things were looking up, and had taken a good turn from the hetic morning, I walked out of the gallery with a smile on my face, cuts on my hands and paint on my bum.
Then came more trouble, but all in a days work.
Happy reading my followers, and at the hour of 3am the following day, i wish you a happy wednesday and they will be more photos later on today.

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